Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Geek's Guide To Parenthood - Teaser: Chapter Two

“So, we need to talk baby shower, Bellini,” Rose said, curling her legs underneath her body. “We have the date. We have the location. Have you and Edward registered?”

“Um, no?” I said, quirking my eyebrow.

“You and SGB are going tomorrow,” Rose said. “We know that you have the bed spread and furniture. You need so much more. Your family and friends are ready to spend oodles of money on your child. Right, Ali?”

“Definitely. Alex is chomping at the bit to know what to get his niece,” Alice said. “Demetri, too.”

“Is this going to be a mixed gender baby shower?” I asked.

“Yep. All the men in the family are ready to spoil your baby, Bella. Your husband, my BROTHER is the worst,” Alice snickered. “Though, Marcus is pretty excited too. He’s looking forward to cherishing his granddaughter.”

“Okay, Edward and I will go register for baby gifts tomorrow. However, we are pretty much set. The only thing we still need to get is a stroller, baby seat and I need to get a breast pump.”

“Let’s check out the nursery,” Alice said to Rose. “You stay here. Edward said that you are struggling going up and down the stairs. We’ll be back.”

I sat back on the couch and turned on the television. I heard Rose and Alice putter around in the nursery. Edward and I had set it up, mostly. We did need a few things, but we’d get them closer to when the baby was due in August. It was only the beginning of May.

They both came down the stairs and I noticed that Alice had a pad of paper. “You need so many things, Bella. This is what we gathered from seeing the nursery. Register for these things and anything else that you want. I’m warning you that you will have everything for our little Kyra.” She dangled the list in front of my nose. I rolled my eyes and looked at some of the ridiculous requests my sister-in-law had put on there.

“Baby bottle cozies?  What the hell is a boppy pillow?” I asked.

“It’s a pillow that goes around the belly and supports the baby,” Tim said with his mouth full of cookies. We all turned and looked at him.  Not believing that Tim knew what a boppy pillow was. “What? I have two older sisters. Both of whom have children. They swear by it.”

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