Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Fanfic Recommendation...Reunion

I'm almost done with this story called Reunion. It's about Edward and Bella (um, duh). They were best friends in high school but secretly crushed on each other. However, they never expressed their feelings. Edward was a geek and painfully shy. Bella was involved with Mike Newton. (Why? Because it's just the way it is). Fast forward ten years to their high school reunion. Edward finally grows his balls and confesses his attraction for his secret crush on the dance floor of Forks High School. They leave the reunion and have some citrusy fun on Bella's kitchen table.

The story continues as they have this tumultuous and steamy long distance relationship. Their love is undeniable and I love me some Geekward. So does Ms. Bella. In the form of his sexy glasses. "Pants off...Glasses on."

It's a well written, funny, poignant and excellent story. It draws you in with the references of songs from high school. (Gotta love Christina Aguilera references before she had her Dirrrrrty phase). There is a minor heartfail towards the end of the story...You'll have to read if it's a happy ending.

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