Sunday, August 28, 2011

EC:AWIP Update...


We landed in Chicago. Our flight was delayed slightly due to some wind or turbulence or something. We were on the ground a little after one in the morning. Bella was griping that she was tired. Hell, so was I. I kissed her forehead and lead through O'Hare to the baggage claim. Once our bag came around, I swiped it and we headed to the car rental counter. I gave them my name. We were led onto a shuttle bus and to the parking lot for our rental.

We got into the car and I handed Bella the directions to my grandfather's estate. It was located in the affluent Gold Coast neighborhood. It took about an hour to drive to the house. I pulled into the driveway and was astonished at how big the home was.

"What is it with your grandfather and huge houses?" Bella squeaked.

"It seemed so much bigger when I was younger," I said, giving her a wink. "But then again, I was four feet tall, had braces, and a scrawny body. I was such a fucking dork when I was kid."

"I've seen pictures, Edward. You were cute," Bella said as she pinched my cheek.

"Yeah. Whatever," I said as I rolled my eyes. "I bet you were adorable as a child."

"Not really. Knocked-kneed, pigeon toed, frizzy hair, negative A-cups, buck teeth," Bella laughed. "I was lucky that Billy sprung for braces for me. Or else, I'd look like Bugs Bunny." She pulled her bottom lip between her top teeth and made the bunny face. I snorted and fell forward, burying my face in my hands as I laughed hysterically. "Be grateful there are no pictures and proof of my awkwardness, Cullen."

"I would pay MONEY to see those, Bella," I said as I wiped tears from my eyes.

"Yeah, your teeth were worse than mine, Edward," Bella said as she got out of the car.

"This is why I was in braces for nearly four years, Bella," I said as I got as our bags out of the trunk. "Now, I have a perfect smile."

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