Sunday, August 7, 2011

ANSOL Teaser: Chapter 40

Just like in Karambas, the floor cleared and we were the only two dancing. It wasn’t really dancing. More like fucking with our clothes on. Edward’s hips moved in a way I’d never thought possible. He twisted and turned me, gliding his hands up my thighs as he held me close to his chest. “I want you, Bella,” he moaned in my ear. “Do you know what you do to me?” He spun me away and pulled my back flush to his chest. He thrust his hips and his erection poked me in the ass. I moaned and reached between us, squeezing slightly around his cock. Edward groaned and spun me again. He braced his hand on my back and nearly bent me in half as he bent me backwards. He slowly brought us back up and I wrapped my arms around his neck as he lifted me. I latched my legs around his waist as he continued dancing. “I’d never thought I’d condone public fucking, but I need to have you. Now,” he growled. His golden eyes were black and a sheen of sweat covered his flushed face. I bit my lip and nodded.

Edward put me down and we told Claude and Marina that we needed some air. Marina glared at Claude. She knew what we were about to do. Edward and I moved through the club until we got to a small room by the bathrooms. Edward’s mouth hungrily covered mine. His hands were groping my breasts and I was fumbling with his belt buckle. He lifted my leg and reached my black thong. “I hope you don’t like these,” he said against my mouth. With a grunt, he ripped the panties from my body and shoved them in his pocket. His fingers moved to my soaking wet core and he circled my clit with his thumb and plunged two digits into my body. I moaned as I tore at his hair. “So fucking wet, Bella. Do you want me?” he smirked.

“Fuck me, Edward,” I snarled.

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