Saturday, August 6, 2011

ANSOL Teaser: Chapter 40

I woke up very early the next morning. So early that the sun had even come up. Edward was laying on his belly with his nose buried in his pillow. I idly traced my fingers up his back and noticed his tattoo that he got at his bachelor party. It was nestled between his shoulder blades and the black ink popped off his pale skin. Edward yawned and turned his head away from me. I noticed something at his hairline. Another tattoo. An angel. I bit my lip and kissed the angel sweetly as his hair tickled my nose.

My sexy geeky husband. Who has three tattoos.

“Bella, as good as I want that to feel, it’s still tender,” Edward said in the pillow, muffling his voice.

“Sorry, angel,” I said as I kissed his neck. He turned his head back to me and cracked open an eye. “Shit, baby.”

“How red are they?” he asked as he blinked his eyes.

“You look like I did when I had pink eye,” I murmured.

“Eh. Another reason why I should get Lasik,” Edward shrugged as he stretched his long body. “How are you feeling this morning, Mrs. Cullen?”

“I’m excellent, Mr. Cullen,” I replied as I picked up his left hand and kissed his ring. “What time is the limo coming?”

Edward picked up his cell phone. “The alarm is going off in ten minutes and Gus said he’d pick us up at seven. Oh, and Merry Christmas, Bella,” he said as he rolled over, holding me to his chest. “Best Christmas ever.”

“Yes it is, baby,” I said as I kissed his lips. “But we need to get up and you need to put on your glasses, bucko.”
“Shower with me?” he asked, pouting adorably. I nodded and faster than I could breathe, I was whipped off the bed and placed in the bathroom. Edward turned on the shower and let it warm up. As he did so, we both brushed our teeth and Edward popped out his contacts. Once the shower warmed up, Edward dragged me into the stall. His lips were on me and they moved fervently against my neck. “I love you, my Bella. I need you, baby.”

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