Monday, August 1, 2011

ANSOL Teaser: Chapter 37

“Jasper, I’m in hell,” I groaned.

“Why, Edwina?” Jasper asked, his fingers clacking away on his keyboard.

“It’s been two and half weeks since our sex embargo and I’m dying,” I pouted. “I miss Bella.”

“You miss Bella’s pussy,” Jasper said, arching a brow. “Dude, you’re getting married in less than a week. You can fucking survive. Rose Palmer, baby. Have a date with her and her five sisters.”

“It’s not the same,” I wailed. I stomped over to Jasper’s couch and flopped down. “Seriously, I’m in hell. And Bella and I are constantly at each other’s throats. Bickering over every little thing.”

“You just need to fuck her,” Jasper snickered. “Bend her over the kitchen island and pound her until she can’t see straight.”

“I did that after my trial,” I mumbled. Then, I covered my mouth, blushing furiously. “You didn’t need to hear that.”

“Oh, but I did, Edwina. Spill it, Cullen,” Jasper said.

“Well, you know that we won the civil suit. It was because James all but mounted me on the witness stand,” I grumbled. “His tongue was down my throat, Jasper. It was the nastiest fucking thing. Ever. I seriously almost threw up in his face. I was traumatized.”

“And you fucked your fiancée to erase that traumatic memory?” Jasper questioned.

“Yeah. On the kitchen island. Like a goddamned animal,” I moaned as I covered my face with a pillow.

“Did you forget about the James trauma?”

“Yeah. But, I need more of her, Jas,” I said, clutching the pillow to my chest. “All of her. I love kissing and caressing her. God, that’s been great. But I miss…”

“Her slick pussy wrapped around your cock,” Jasper cooed.

“Must you be so vulgar?”

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