Saturday, July 30, 2011

ANSOL Update!

The Goal...?

"Oh, you are so going to get it," Bella said, wrinkling her nose. She grabbed some snow and smushed in my face. I felt her body leave mine and she ran away laughing. I hopped up and an all out snow war ensued. No one was safe. Even Marcus was smeared with a snowball. Thanks to Alex. It was a flurry of excitement and fun on my front lawn.

"Jasper!" Alice squealed. We all turned and looked at Alice and Jasper. He was kneeling in front of her.

"Alice, I've been a fool. I love you, baby. Let's get hitched?" Jasper smirked.

Alice looked down at him and her face crumpled. "No."

"Alice!" I hissed.

"Let's get hitched? Jasper, I wanted the whole romantic thing," Alice wailed.

Jasper got up from his knees and stepped away from Alice, his face filled with anguish. He stomped away and Edward ran after him. Rose and I shared a look and grabbed Alice, dragging her inside. I pushed her into the couch while Rose, Esme and I glared at her.

"What the fuck, Mary Alice?" Esme growled.

Did sweet Esme just say 'fuck?'

"How can he propose like that? I mean, in the middle of a snowball fight?" Alice whimpered.

"God, Ali. How selfish can you be? Jasper is falling apart right now," I seethed. "He loves you more than you can possibly ever imagine. How could you do that to him? Just because he proposed to you in a way that you didn't approve of? Hell, if Edward proposed to me in his dirty boxers and glasses, I'd still would have said yes. It's not the proposal, it's the man."

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