Tuesday, July 26, 2011

ANSOL Teaser: Chapter 33

“I need to shower. Wash my hair since I had the rat on my head all day.”

“I’d join you, but Alice gave me explicit instructions to not get my hair wet. I just need to tease it to make my transformation to a sexy nurse complete. But fuck Alice,” Bella snorted. I joined her laughter and scooped her up. She pinned her hair up and we took a long, languorous shower. I noticed that Bella’s fingers focused on my hip, tracing the delicate lettering there. She had absolutely no idea what that felt like. I wanted to take her again in the shower, but I tamed the beast.

Kind of.

My erection would not go away.

At all.

I tried to picture so many things to quash the light saber between my legs. My Aunt Carmen in a girdle. Nope. Boiling live puppies. Try again. Alex trying to convert me to be gay. That actually aroused me more? What the hell is WRONG with me? 

“Jesus, Edward,” Bella snickered. “Put that thing away.”

“I’m trying,” I whined as I glared at my painfully hard cock. “But your little caresses on my hip and the curls on your head and fuck! Help!”

“Do you want a blow job, Edward?” Bella asked, batting her eyes at me.

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